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Venture Solutions Platform

Wiziin provides data-driven solutions that bridge the gap between companies and investors, offering tools and services for success in the venture capital investment market.


Companies raised capital


Worth of deal mandated for investor

Startup Fundraising Service

We build the bridge to
power the startup economy

Funding Data Room

We offer tailored data room to streamline your fundraising efforts including:

Full Financial Funding Documents:

  • Comprehensive Cap Table: Ensure accuracy and reliability.

  • Company Valuation Planning: Align with market expectations.

  • Cashflow projection: Showcase growth potential in your playfield.

Pitch Deck Preparation

  • Top notch design: Create a compelling visual narrative.

  • Built with investor insights: We know what hit their mind.

  • Tell your story: Ensure your venture story will be told differently

Startup Fundraising Service | Funding Dataroom


Explore resources to unleash the potential of your ventures

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Venture Capital Community

Connect globally and meet locally to get more out of venture world

Hanging Cubes
Venture Capital Program

Level up on fundraising know-how and keep up with how venture world operating to master the venture fundraising process

Event &

Real-life advice, inspiration and stories to capture opportunities through Wiziin newsletter and events with industry experts 

Digital Maze
Startup Stack
to build & scale

A curated directory with special offers on products, tools and services to help founder build and scale companies.

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Unlock the new venture collaborations

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