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In the past few months, healthcare has endured at the top of mind for the whole country. The speed with which COVID-19 is spreading means the overloaded medical system, and traditional healthcare solutions are no longer working.

Vietnam’s pharmaceutical industry market is about 7.7 billion USD with 22,000 drugs. In 2021, the value of Vietnam’s pharmaceutical market reached VND 103,912 billion (+2% YoY).

As of 2021, the pharmaceutical production and business system comprise about 250 manufacturing plants, 200 import-export facilities, 4,300 wholesale agents, and more than 62,000 retail agents.

Chothuoctay e-commerce is a growing marketplace for retail and wholesale in the pharmaceutical industry founded in 2019. By helping users buy medical products on online local pharmacies, it aims to provide a solution that makes the medical product purchase process 10 times faster.

With a mission to help people buy medical products quickly and efficiently, ChoThuocTay’s e-commerce website has more than 600+ suppliers of pharmacies and clinics, together with +10,000 users on the platform and growing towards a great expectation.

Chothuoctay is available on Google Play, Apple App Store, and website which provides the marketplace to connect reputable pharmacies in Vietnam. The customers can:

  1. Take a picture of the prescription and send it to the pharmacy

  2. Video call with the pharmacist

  3. Create a reminder to take medicine

  4. Buy medicine online

Being a marketplace, ChoThuocTay aims to provide a solution that makes the medical product purchase process 10 times faster. The deal means ChoThuocTay will add another 18 months runway, 8x times existing revenues, 20x times its current client base. They are on the long-term goal to have 9000 local pharmacies in the next 4 years.

To become a part of their fundraising journey, join Wiziin as a Professional Investor to take a look at their campaign page by contacting us now via or this page. The fundraising round’s expected to close at the end of December 2021. Contact us now to find out more!

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