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Demystifying Venture Capital: Book Talk Event with Mr. Dermot Berkery Breaks Barriers for New VC Ent

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

In a recent event that brought together seasoned experts and aspiring entrepreneurs, the world of venture capital (VC) was unveiled in all its dynamic glory. Hosted by Mr. Dermot Berkery (Author) and Mr. Tien Nguyen (Translator), this enlightening gathering explored the intricacies of VC, cutting-edge tech trends, and the unique regional dynamics that shape this ever-evolving landscape. The event also demystify various myths about VC and fundraising, help breaking down barriers for the industry’s newcomers.

Mr. Tien Nguyen (Translator) sharing about his experience with the Venture Capital industry

Emerging Tech Trends: Unveiling the Power of Innovation in the sector

The event kicked off with a captivating exploration of how Technology has been rising in recent years to become the key fuel of the startup ecosystem. From the story of Stripes, Yahoo, Apple, the sharing session pivots into emerging tech trends, with a particular focus on artificial intelligence (AI) and Blockchain. The discussions ventured into the transformative potential of AI and how it is reshaping industries on a global scale. Attendees gained valuable insights into the ways AI is evolving the workplace and how Blockchain supercharged sectors as diverse as Fintech, agriculture, and services across the world.

Regional Insights: Unveiling the Diversity of VC Ecosystems

From the bustling streets of Silicon Valley to the thriving tech scenes in Europe and Vietnam’s promising startup landscape, the event provided an eye-opening look at the distinct dynamics of various VC ecosystems. Comparing the US, European, and Vietnamese VC markets, attendees were treated to a comprehensive view of their strengths, prospects, and unique characteristics. These insights are invaluable for entrepreneurs and investors seeking opportunities in these regions.

Raising Venture Capital for the Serious Entrepreneur: A Beacon in the VC Terrain

A highlight of the event was Mr. Tien’s introduction to the book “Raising Venture Capital for the Serious Entrepreneur” which was recently published in Vietnamese. The book emphasizes the importance of understanding VC from an investor’s perspective. It has been described as a blend of textbook knowledge, real-life anecdotes, and expert advice—a must-read for anyone venturing into the complex world of VC. The translator also shared his deep insights into the book, shedding light on the valuable lessons it offers.

The Vietnamese copy of “Raising Venture Capital for the Serious Entrepreneur” – Translated by Mr. Tien

Demystifying VC: Q&A Session

One of the event’s most engaging segments was the Q&A session with the book author. The audience had the opportunity to debunk common myths surrounding VC. They delved into the intricacies of VC evaluation processes, explored the traits that VC investors seek in founding teams, and contrasted the unique aspects of European, Vietnamese, and American VC markets. Attendees also gained valuable insights into the operation procedure of venture capital and discovered essential tips for founders preparing to embark on fundraising journeys.

Demystifying VC at the Q&A session with Mr. Dermot Berkery

Networking and Beyond: Building Connections

The event concluded on a high note, with attendees enjoying networking opportunities, book signings, and engaging photo sessions. These interactions allowed participants to forge valuable connections and exchange ideas, further enhancing their understanding of the VC landscape.

After event networking and booksigning

Wiziin would like to send our appreciation for those who joined us at the event. The success of these occasions cannot come to life without your contributions.

The mysteries of venture capital and the ever-evolving tech landscape will continue to be an essential sector that drive the economy forward not only in Vietnam. Whether you’re an industry veteran or just starting your entrepreneurial journey, these events offer a unique opportunity to gain knowledge, network, and be part of the exciting world of venture capital.

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