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Entering China Market – With “Global Entrepreneurship Competition 2023”

Hosted by Global Innovation and Technology Platform (GITP) and Wiziin, with support from Sunwah Innovation Center, the networking event: Entering China Market With “Global Entrepreneurship Competition 2023” successfully ended with a good reception from our participants.

Mr. Raffles Chan – Director of GITP.ASIA – also our keynote speaker shared his case study and the latest updated perspectives to learn, troubleshoot, discuss, and capture the pivotal practices in expanding to China market.

The keynote speech discussed how the global entrepreneurship competition in 2023 could be a great entry point into this market. In other say, this is a fantastic occasion for any startup wanting to expand in China, especially those looking for local partners and investors.

With the mission that supporting Vietnamese entrepreneurs having the chance to involve in China market, our event attracted great attention from startups, C-level of startups, tech projects, innovation departments, accelerators and also investors, professors from universities.

Through the networking event, audiences already got an insight into the potential of China market. Mr. Raffles also took a look at the situation comparing global and China markets to show the benefits of the competition, the relevant requirements for declaration, the supporting materials, the potential tracks of the global entrepreneurship competition in 2023, how benefits for the winners, and how GITP supports the China landing.

Let’s take a look at the presentation of the event

If you are interested in joining the competition, REGISTER HERE.

Thanks to our speakers and attendees for attending the event and for your valuable contribution. It was our pleasure to see you at the event, and we are hoping that it gave you an insight into the potential Chinese market.

Officially launching The HiCool – Global Entrepreneurship Competition 2023 – organized by GITP (, aims to find the best startups and projects applying technology in business solutions, with a total prize of up to 15 million USD.

The competition is heading toward the goal of unleashing startups’ full potential by providing them with the exposure, network, and funding needed to grow and expand their business in Beijing, China.

  1. Register through Wiziin:

  2. Deadline: 12 PM VNT – April 25, 2023 (applying for registration via Wiziin)

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