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New Partnership Announcement: Wiziin and Startup Law Vietnam

Wiziin is glad to announce our official partnership with Startup Law Vietnam, one of the most dedicated and outstanding legal company for startup in the industry. With the sets of goals in common, Wiziin and Startup Law Vietnam will strive to work towards valuable ideas and provide innovative solutions for startups through up-coming cognitive collaboration offerings.


Wiziin and Startup Law Vietnam share a common goal in developing business sustainability through community development. Therefore, through this partnership, both Wiziin and Startup Law Vietnam will have opportunities to reach out to more startups who are in their time of need to provide relevant and useful solutions.

In up-coming partnership projects, we would like to support startups with the most cost-effective and practical solutions. Our startups can get appealing offerings from both Wiziin and Startup Law Vietnam. More than that, we promise to continue delivering consistent support for startups ecosystem in both legal and investment firm. Most of all, we aim to create an investment process standard and change investment patterns, spread investment opportunities and unclog investment capital flows to support hundreds of thousands of SMEs in Vietnam and Asia Pacific area to attain and develop its enterprises strongly.


STARTUP LAW VIETNAM has advantage of legal knowledge system in technology – startup – investment, experience of participating in hundreds of investment/funding deals, standard investment process as well as lean method of supporting and managing investment deals that proved efficiency through the last 05 year.


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