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Revolutionize Your Startup’s Capital Raising with Fundraising as a Service

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Fundraising as a Service

Fundraising is a crucial part of a startup’s journey. It’s the process of raising capital to grow and scale the business. However, fundraising can be a daunting task for startups, especially those that are new to the industry. That’s where Fundraising as a Service (FaaS) comes in. FaaS is a solution that provides startups with the necessary tools and services to help them raise capital. It’s a comprehensive approach that takes care of all aspects of fundraising, from investor relations to co-investment monitoring.

Startups need FaaS because it offers them several advantages. For starters, it allows them to focus on their core business while leaving fundraising to the experts. FaaS providers have extensive networks of investors, making it easier for startups to find potential investors who are interested in their industry and growth potential. Additionally, FaaS providers have experience in deal-making, which can be a significant advantage for startups who are not familiar with the investment process.

Raising Venture Capital with Wiziin

Wiziin is a data-driven investment platform that offers Fundraising as a Service to startups. With a growing network of regional and global investors, Wiziin helps startups secure the strategic capital they need to grow and succeed. The FaaS is designed to make the capital raising process easier and more effective for startups, regardless of their stage of development.

Wiziin’s FaaS uses a data-driven approach to connect startups with investors most likely to be interested in their business. By analyzing data from various sources, Wiziin identifies the most promising investment opportunities and connects startups with investors who are most likely to invest. This approach enables startups to make more informed investment decisions and increase their chances of success.

In addition to capital raising, Wiziin also offers a range of other investment-related services, including deal-making, investor relations, and co-investment monitoring. Wiziin’s comprehensive suite of tools and services helps startups grow and succeed in the highly competitive startup ecosystem.

Wiziin’s team of experienced venture capitalists and angels from Ireland and Canada brings on-the-ground experience to fundraising services. They have worked with over 500 startups, 100 VCs, and 30 angels from across the Asia Pacific region, making them one of the leading FaaS providers in the region.


Fundraising as a Service is essential for startups looking to raise capital. With Wiziin’s FaaS, startups can tap into a network of regional and global investors, take advantage of a data-driven approach to capital raising, and access a comprehensive suite of investment-related services. Wiziin’s experience and expertise make them the ideal partner for startups looking to grow and succeed in the highly competitive startup ecosystem.

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