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Timbake Dang, Dizim AI

HMT – House of Media Production, and Technologies, they live and breathe creating easy-to-use, intelligent and unforgettable customer experiences by the combination between cutting-edge technologies such as AI and media production expertise. And, AI creative video generation & digital marketing platform applying AI, big data as well as creative media production expertise, was born to offer online businesses a streamless & easy-to-use experience, automatic digital marketing solution with affordable cost.

Let’s meet the founder behind these new hot startup

Timbake Dang, Founder of HMT Dizim AI

What market opportunity do you see big enough to jump in?

As we knew, Covid-19 changed a lot of people’s behaviors in consuming, entertainment.

Global eCommerce traffic has increased to 22 billion visits due to COVID-19. This statement is higher than the average traffic during the holiday season. E-Commerce will generate $6.452 trillion in sales by 2023, according to eMarketer. There are over 24 mil online stores worldwide. However, there are not many videos created with over 10k views.

  1. So why do online businesses struggle with content marketing?

  2. How to create a million views videos like famous brands Gillette?

  3. How to create videos like Coca-Cola created with only VND $1 million?

  4. Moreover, how to publish video content to multiple channels, analyze content interaction with people on social media effectively?

  5. How to get insights of market trends, consumer behaviors on social media at an affordable cost?

These are big challenges HMT desired to take and solve.

86% of businesses (659 unique respondents) use video as a marketing tool. It’s up from 63% over the last three years (Wyzowl) equal more than 20.4 mil online stores. This means that if we can serve only 20% of those stores (4 mils), we can earn more than USD$ 100 mil in monthly revenue.

What are the Potential Risks to this kind of business and how does your business deal with it?

There are big different challenges that need to be solved. Not only by applying disruptive technologies and in-house creative & digital teams but also by partnering with experts in different fields. It helps to build an ecosystem together to create values and seamless experiences for customers as well as consumers. For example, up to now, there are not many people who know the necessity of branding for themselves and their companies. Even assuming they know, they still have been struggling with how to build a content strategy with customer insights. Those are only some of the many tasks we need to educate them on first. Then we will apply technologies to help them make content easier and more effective.

Changing mindset leads to actions.

We are partnering with education organizations, branding companies, and digital marketing strategy consulting companies to help them build a content strategy, visual assets. After that, they can use our social listening features to get insights of market trends, consumers behaviors on social media. Getting insights is the first step before making content with videos then publishing those to multiple channels.

What is the goal that you want to accomplish this year?

Here is the milestone we are aiming to reach for the next few years

And you know what? HMT Dizim is looking for investors now

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