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WIZIIN Inc and SEAMI Enter into Long-Term Strategic Partnership

Ho Chi Minh City, Febuary 03rd 2021

South East Asia Music Institute (SEAMI) and Wiziin are pleased to announce that they have entered into a global strategic partnership, combining SEAMI’s music services industry with Wiziin’s AI-based investment platform to expand its global presence to Asia – Pacific.

Through this strategic partnership, Wiziin and SEAMI will jointly support the technology entertainment ecosystem and venture capital in Vietnam. Wiziin also helps SEAMI access capital easily and conveniently through a reliable investment platform, opens up many opportunities for cooperation and creates a healthy environment for information.

As an indication of the commitment to the partnership, SEAMI will become a user on the Wiziin platform and promote the participation of SEAMI’s partners and customers on it.

About Wiziin Inc. Wiziin is a data-driven investment platform that focuses on facilitating the professional investment decision-making process by adding innovative values to the sourcing, due diligence, following up, and exiting process. Wiziin Inc. provides solutions in capital raising, dealmaking, portfolio monitoring, and fund administration for VC, Angel Investors, and SMEs in the Asia Pacific Region.

To learn more about Wiziin, please visit or find on LinkedIn:

About South East Asia Music Institute (SEAMI) South East Asia Music Institute is a services company specializing in musical arts training, with Guitar, Piano, Vocal and Drum subjects. In a small town, everyone can visit SEAMI to learn music in a simple, comfortable and simple way. To learn more about South East Asia Music Institute, please visit:

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