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Wiziin – National Sun Yat-sen University Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center Partnership An

Ho Chi Minh City, 26th February 2021,

Wiziin is so happy to shout out our partnership between Wiziin and National Sun Yat-sen University Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center that is an innovation center belonging to National Sun Yat-sen University, a public research-intensive university renowned as an official think tank scholars’ community, located in Taiwan. 

To develop a partnership and confirm the mutual desire and interest of both parties to provide early-stage startups, businesses and investors affiliated with either party-appropriate access to resources and opportunities for growth, where appropriate and executable, this MOU will open up an opportunity for deeper cooperation between Wiziin and NSYSU and bring great value in expanding its presence to Asia – Pacific.

Through the strategic partnership, Wiziin and NSYSU will jointly build a venture capital ecosystem to provide opportunities about capital and experiences for startups and investors across the region. Besides, both parties shall co-host events and knowledge sessions at the times, dates and locations mutually agreed by both. Wiziin hopes that this cooperation will take a big step forward in our efforts to build a healthy and efficient venture capital ecosystem in the Asia-Pacific region.

About Wiziin Inc

Wiziin is an investment platform which focuses on facilitating professional investment decision making process by sadding innovative values to the sourcing, due diligence, following up and exciting process. Real-time corporate data and AI-powered matching tools are the solution to creating a healthy and trusting environment of connection between Investors and SMEs.

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About National Sun Yat – sen University

National Sun Yat-sen University is one of four universities that make up the Taiwan Comprehensive University Ecosystem, a research-led university alliance in Taiwan. This university also began to cultivate innovative talents and encourage students, professors, and alumni to start their own business through the National Sun Yat-sen University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fund.

To learn more about National Sun Yat – sen University, please visit:

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