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Wiziin is thrilled and excited to announce our partnerships with 5 trail-blazing start-up companies in May 2021. Welcome, Harrison Spence, Uniigym, Doodle Brand, Hasu, and Xperx for joining our investment platform. 💛💛💛💛

Harrison Spence – a London-based financial consulting business that is reputable for providing insight and valuable support for IFA’s and businesses in the retail financial services sector. Harrison Spence has been established for more than 12 years by professionals with decades of business experience. Having been awarded as the Best Retail M&A Practice in the UK in 2016 and the Most Client-Focused M&A Advisory Firm in the UK in 2019, there is no doubt in Harrison Spence’s understanding of their specific market and their clients. By taking a slow but careful approach, Harrison Spence staff ensures that each of their clients can grow and prosper in the long run and bring more great value to society.

Uniigym – a cloud and AI-based, interactive fitness and gaming mass volume content platform in Taiwan. Their interactive fitness platform allows their users to transform any space into a workout area, while AI-generated sound and lighting effects accompany users through various types of workouts “Uniigymis here to revolutionize the virtual fitness experience,” founders, Lin and Wang, said. “Users can transform their living room into a workout space with access to fitness courses curated by ‘world-renowned’ fitness trainers,” said Wang

Doodle Brands – a design thinking brand innovation company using a unique and first of its kind human-centered approach to creative framing and problem-solving. They are the first agency in Vietnam to apply the design thinking method to help businesses get better at branding their names to the customers.

Hasu – an outstanding application providing various healthcare solutions for middle-aged and elderly people in Vietnam. Being the first comprehensive healthcare application focusing on the aging population, Hasu offers its users advice and suggestion about exercises, nutrition, and meditation in the form of online courses or video lessons with their highly qualified instructors and doctors.

And Xperx – a leading company providing a 360° customer engagement platform that connects all aspects of online and offline marketing and data. Their AI-driven integrated CRM platform collects and provides analysis of all data from marketing and sales websites as well as mobile applications to best serve their clients’ targets with given time and money. Through this strategic partnership, Wiziin and 5 partners will jointly focus to build awareness and market for all companies. Wiziin also helps 5 partners to find the best strategic, financial, and technological solutions to access capital easily and conveniently through a reliable investment platform, open up many opportunities for cooperation and create a healthy environment for information. As an indication of the commitment to the partnership, Wiziin also acts as an intermediary between 5 start-ups and our partners to ensure that the mutual benefits of all parties are fully maximized. Harrison Spence, Uniigym, Doodle Brand, Hasu, and Xperx will eventually become users as start-ups on WiZiin’s AI platform and promote the participation of their partners and customers on it.

About Harrison Spence Harrison Spence is a London-based financial consulting business with more than 12 years of top-notch services. They provide excellent financial assistance and solutions for a wide range of businesses that are fully customized to clients’ needs, some of which include Strategic Business Reviews, Valuations, Market Research, Preparing Business for Acquisitions or Sales,… To learn more about Harrison Spence, please visit: About Uniigym Uniigym implements AI technology to create fitness content using green screen shooting and graphic design. It can also be used to detect motion to self-generate music and special effects. To learn more about Uniigym, please visit: About Doodle Brands Doodle Brands is the first agency in Vietnam to apply the design thinking method in order to help businesses get better at branding their names to the customers. To learn more about Doodle Brands, please visit: About Hasu As the first comprehensive health care application for middle-aged and elderly people in Vietnam, HASU brings the qualified knowledge about health, physical exercises, macrobiotics, meditation… and a variety of courses helping us maintain a long, healthy, happy and productive life.To learn more about Hasu, please visit:

About Xperx Xperx is a 360° Customer Engagement Platform which connects all aspects of online and offline marketing and data. Xperx’s AI-driven CRM platform commingles all data of marketing and sales website and mobile applications. XpertX Contact: Website:

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