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Wiziin & PeakAds Partnership Announcement

We proudly announce a new partnership with PeakAds, an expert performance marketing agency partner. The connection between Wiziin & PeakAds will open an opportunity to help start-ups have a solid foundation and direction to move toward the goal of sustainable growth in the future.

Wiziin Inc. – Data-driven solutions in capital raising, dealmaking, co-invest monitoring, and investor relations.

Established in 2020, Wiziin help early-stage startup save hundreds of hour by fundraising as a service by helping them prepare well to launch the funding round and pitch to investors. We also offer assistance to investors along the VC cycle, from VC placement to deal-making and co-invest monitoring. Wiziin is currently working with 150+ venture funds and angel networks from Europe, Israel, Taiwan, and Asia Pacific Region, helping 200+ SMEs launch their deals and reaching to investors.

PeakAds – Tailor-made Performance Marketing Solution for Start-ups

Mr. Nguyen Duy Cuong and his partner from PeakAds

PeakAds Marketing Agency is specializing in Digital Performance Marketing with “tailor-made” strategies. PeakAds is a Marketing partner of many large domestic and international corporations & enterprises. Understanding the difficulties in the early stages of start-up startups as well as the limitations of approaching Performance Marketing, PeakAds always aims to together grow with Clients along the business stages in the Digital era. The solutions help businesses connect with potential customers and achieve business growth goals effectively through detailed Digital Performance Marketing strategies, also optimized specifically for each business.

PeakAds x Wiziin – The key to success for small and medium businesses

In order to fully exploit the strengths of each party as well as leverage the partnership, Wiziin and PeakAds decided to join hands on a mission to support SMEs in the early stages of their journey.

In general, capital is very important for early-stage startups focusing on developing and promoting their products widely, being accepted by the market, and creating a premise for the later stages. The cooperation between Wiziin and PeakAds will both solve business problems and support startups to access effective marketing solutions, which will help them gain more traction to overcome and survive the difficult early stage.

For businesses that need to scale up, raising more capital can really add value beyond money. Startups within Wiziin network will have a chance to optimize their marketing operation with exclusive support from PeakAds, which enables them to save time and cost while improving operational productivity to deliver sustainable growth results.

Starting a business is never easy. Once you step on this path, you have to face a lot of challenges and risks. If founders receive valuable guidance, they will have more time to focus on what really important. The partnership between Wiziin and PeakAds is on the mission of supporting startups and asserting their strengths in the market.

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