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Wiziin’s International Internship Program

Ho Chi Minh City, A rising destination for overseas students

Globalization has opened up a world of opportunities, not just for economic growth but also for university students seeking real-world international work experiences. In recent years, the vibrant and welcoming Ho Chi Minh City has emerged as a top choice for international students considering an overseas internship. The city’s allure lies in its dynamic economic landscape, rich cultural heritage, mouthwatering cuisine, and the warmth of its people, all coming together to offer our interns a truly transformative experience.

Here at Wiziin, we’ve had the privilege of being gracious hosts to students from APAC for the past three years. Our doors have welcomed bright minds from prestigious universities like Singapore Management University, Nanyang University, and many others. But our commitment doesn’t end there; we’re continually expanding our network. Currently, we’re partnering with organizations like Singapore Management University ASEAN Internship Programme, CRCC, JDI, SMU – API, and AIESEC to create even more internship opportunities for students abroad. Your global adventure awaits with Wiziin!

Graduation day of our Singaporean Interns

Wiziin’s international internship journey

Last month, Wiziin Inc. celebrated a heartwarming farewell session for three exceptional international interns. These talented individuals, hailing from Singapore, embarked on a fulfilling journey with Wiziin Inc. as part of our mutual International Internship Program, a collaboration we’ve fostered with Singapore Management University and Nanyang University.

Wiziin Inc.’s International Internship Program was conceived with the aim of providing our overseas interns with a unique insight into the dynamic world of venture capital and the intricacies of startup businesses. Beyond professional growth, we are equally passionate about introducing them to the rich tapestry of Vietnamese culture and the warmth of its people. This carefully designed program was orchestrated by our most enthusiastic team members within the organization. As the journey unfolded, it left behind not only memories but also touched hearts, evoking deep emotions and forging lasting friendships.

Astronomy and Mahjong session

Our internship opportunities at Wiziin encompass a wide spectrum of roles, including business development interns, investment officers, market research analysts, and marketing enthusiasts. The specific vacancies available vary depending on the season. We typically host full-time interns for 10-12 weeks at our beautiful and dynamic office in the Earth Hub building, nestled within the vibrant Thao Dien District—an area widely regarded as the most desirable place to live in HCMC.

From a different perspective, the infusion of fresh minds, global perspectives, and diverse cultures has breathed new life into Wiziin, bringing forth a whirlwind of innovative ideas. It has nurtured a global working environment where our team members engage in daily English practice, share knowledge, and gain confidence in public speaking. Notably, the number of training and sharing sessions hosted by Wiziin has doubled during the tenure of our international interns. These sessions have covered an array of captivating topics, ranging from learning to play mahjong to embarking on a fitness journey and even exploring the wonders of astronomy. At Wiziin, it’s not just about work; it’s about broadening horizons and embracing the global tapestry of experiences.

Wiziin Inc. takes great pride in its International Internship Program, firmly believing that it plays a crucial role in preparing students for their professional journeys. We are committed to continually assessing the program’s effectiveness and take immense pride in the positive feedback received from our previous interns. We are confident that our program equips students with the skills, knowledge, and confidence they need to embark on successful careers, making a meaningful impact in their chosen fields.

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