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Wiziin Secures $500K in Pre-Seed Funding, Paving the Way for a Game-Changing Private Equity Co-Inves

Wiziin, Vietnam-based venture investment management startup, provides tech platforms specializing in data-driven solutions for startups and investors in capital raising, dealmaking, and co-invest monitoring, has successfully raised $500,000 in pre-seed funding. The funding, secured from a tech serial entrepreneur, will be crucial in advancing Wiziin’s mission to bridge the gap between investors and founders through their new blockchain-based platform for venture investors focusing on digital assets.

Led by experienced venture capitalist Tien Nguyen and serial entrepreneur Thong Dang, Wiziin Inc., founded in 2020, aims to disrupt the investment landscape by leveraging emerging economies, particularly in the Asia Pacific Region. With a network of over 200 investors and more than 5,000 raised-fund companies, Wiziin has already made a significant impact.

Wiziin's Teaam secure $500K in pre-seed funding round

Wiziin’s core team with their founders in the central

“The venture capital world has long adhered to traditional methods of funding and investing in startups. This funding will enable us to accelerate our next efforts in emerging blockchain technology to disrupt this industry and revolutionize the way venture capital operates based on tokenization of assets, smart contracts.”stated Thong Dang, co-founder of Wiziin Inc.

Wiziin is actively creating a new investment platform named “”, which enables efficient co-investment in blockchain environments for professional individual investors. By eliminating intermediaries, this platform aims to democratize funding access, empower entrepreneurs globally, and attract a broader range of investors. The global accessibility of blockchain technology transcends geographical boundaries, connecting investors and entrepreneurs worldwide. This opens up greater opportunities for startups and investors in emerging markets that may have limited access to traditional venture capital.

While our platform operates in a decentralized manner, we still require users to verify their identity in order to comply with regulations and safeguard investor interests. This verification process effectively mitigates fraudulent activities and enhances the overall credibility of our platform,” explained Thong Dang.We are also actively seeking institutional funding later this year to further develop the platform. This will enable the fundraising process to become a collaborative effort between the project and its community, driving mutual growth and success.”

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