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Ho Chi Minh City, 28th February, 2021

Wiziin is so excited to partner up with tMonitor – a company that pioneers innovative air monitoring products, services and technologies  that lead to improve air quality indoors.

The MOU signed in January, 2021 opened up an opportunity for deeper cooperation between Wiziin and tMonitor. With the strong transformation and development of sustainable industry as well as venture capital investment, The parties agree that this combination will bring great value in expanding its presence to Asia – Pacific through useful sharing, investment opportunities and potential cooperation from both.

Through this strategic partnership, Wiziin and tMonitor will jointly focus to build awareness and market for both companies. Wiziin also helps tMonitor in strategy, finance and technology to access capital easily and conveniently through a reliable investment platform, open up many opportunities for cooperation and create a healthy environment for information.

As an indication of commitment to the partnership, tMonitor will become a user as a startup on Wiziin platform and promote the participation of tMonitor’s partners and customers on it.

About Wiziin Inc

Wiziin is an investment platform which focuses on facilitating professional investment decision making process by adding innovative values to the sourcing, due diligence, following up and exciting process. Real-time corporate data and AI-powered matching tools are the solution to creating a healthy and trusting environment of connection between Investors and SMEs.

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About tMonitor

tMonitor is a company that provides unique solutions to bring insights of all 13 air quality indexes, using Internet Of Things and Machine Learning for both real-time monitoring of air quality and emergency response to crisis in the indoor working environment.

To learn more about tMonitor, please visit:

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