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Wiziin is glad to announce our latest partnership with Champel Capital, an Israel-based leading venture capital fund focusing on deep tech companies. With a set of common goals, Wiziin and Partner will strive to work towards finding valuable ideas and creating both financial and social value for all parties involved.

Founded in 2017, Champel Capital seeks to invest in emerging start-ups based in Israel. By going through an extensive research and screening process before they select a company, Champel Capital targets deep tech companies with a significant impact on their industries. Their intention is to capitalize on the opportunity of Israel’s position as a global leader in technology, as the country leads in different fields, such as healthcare, food tech, agriculture tech, AI, IOD, education tech, and many more.

Champel Capital brief (Source: )

Since their foundation, Champel Capital has invested in twelve companies, some of which have become industry-leading technology companies. One of these companies was Lemonade, a unicorn whose valuation is now above $9 Billion. Another unicorn is Innoviz Technology, which is now listed on NASDAQ with an equity value of approximately $1.4 billion.

What to look forward to in this partnership?

Wiziin and Champel Capital share a common goal in locating potential ventures with an exceptional founding team and disruptive innovation. After a detailed and knowledge-intensive discussion with Amir Weitmann, the Managing Partner, we have reached a conclusion that Wiziin Inc. and Champel Capital will cooperate to deliver the venture investment knowledge, methodology, and experience to Vietnamese businesses, as well as to share some effective exit strategies based on two successful unicorn cases of Champel Capital.

Additionally, through this partnership, Champel Capital will have the opportunities to introduce Israeli technology in the areas of AgriTech, FoodTech, HealthTech, and ICT to more start-up partners who are in their time of need to provide relevant and useful solutions. In exchange, Wiziin also hopes that this partnership between us and Champel Capital will open up a brand new gateway for Vietnamese investors to scout and invest in Israeli startups.

Backed by professionals and experts in the investment industry, Wiziin specializes in using AI technology to optimize the decision-making process for venture capitalists. As an indication of the commitment to the partnership, Champel Capital will become a user as a foreign venture fund on the Wiziin platform and promote the participation of Champel Capital’s portfolio companies on it.

The first collaboration between Wiziin Inc. and Champel Capital will be the webinar “E-Talk: Adventure to the venture” in June 2021. As a sharing session of professional VC partners from all around the world, the webinar will provide the audience with hands-on experiences and offer more opportunities for startup founders to gain a deep understanding of VCs’ mindsets and psychological drives regarding the selection and investment process.

About Wiziin Inc

Wiziin is a data-driven investment platform that focuses on facilitating the professional investment decision-making process by adding innovative values to the sourcing, due diligence, following up, and exiting process. Wiziin Inc. provides solutions in capital raising, dealmaking, portfolio monitoring, and fund administration for VC, Angel Investors, and SMEs in the Asia Pacific Region.

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About Champel Capital

Champel Capital is an Israeli venture capital fund with a focus on investing in disruptive tech start-ups that have a substantial long-term impact on the business and society. Out of their 12 investments, 2 companies, namely Lemonade Insurance and Innoviz Technologies have launched their IPOs on NYSE and NASDAQ in 2020 and 2021 respectively.

To learn more about Champel Capital, please visit:

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