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Wiziin’s training culture – Venture Capital Entry Training Session

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

The importance of training culture at Wiziin

Companies nowadays tend to attach great importance to providing their employees with intensive training sessions, closely related to their expertise or business field of the company itself. Exposure to in-depth, practical knowledge of their professional field, gained from senior managers, rather than theoretical references, has widely proven to help employees acquit themselves better at work and contribute more substantially to the company’s success.

Understanding the importance of employee training and development, Wiziin Inc. has always been finding ways to incorporate training sessions into its employees’ working schedules, assuring that every employee at Earth Hub would gain valuable knowledge of investment, venture capital and fundraising, besides their regular tasks. For new employees, the need for initial training is highly prioritized as this helps plan out a clear and transparent acknowledgement of the company’s direction and bring the most value to its clients. As a company specializing in financial and investment services, the majority of training sessions conducted by senior managers at Wiziin Inc. will highly focus on what a member of Wiziin needs to know about venture capital and businesses.

Employees learn to put themselves in the shoes of Venture capital investors, before, during and after making any investment to a new risky startup, where “startups are guilty until proven innocent. Most startups fail; investors know this, Entrepreneurs don’t” (Berkery, 2008).

How about entrepreneurial shoes? What do they need help with?

Startups need capital to invest in people, products, inventories, and many more things, and Venture capital is one of many sources that entrepreneurs can use to find capital to support the company’s growth. The internal training also gives our members a glimpse into the world of startups, their business models, and their leadership.

Venture Capital Entry training for employees

Venture Capital Entry Level Training is one of the essential ones that each of the new members will go through to enrich their knowledge of the venture capital investment field.

The recent training was hosted last week, and our new employees at Wiziin had a chance to participate in a training session on “Venture Capital Entry Sharing,”, held by the Chief Executive Officer of Wiziin. The training was conducted with a view to acknowledging insights into the field of venture capital and its specific characteristics, as the CEO believed that every employee should grasp the core portfolio of the business partners that Wiziin is cooperating with.

The CEO delivering the Venture Capital sharing session

What is special about Wiziin’s internal training?

At the beginning of the session, for great transparency, the manager introduced the overall content and purpose of the sharing, the scope and delivery style of his sharing and how the information gained from the session would be applicable to the employees’ future work.

The session continued with a series of quizzes regarding characteristics of people and companies doing business in venture capital. This part was a special feature of the delivery, as the manager would base on his employees’ understanding of the problem questioned from their answers of the quizzes, to adjust it to the most accurate way. Newly-gathered information, which was derived from and related to usual conceptions, would help employees remember what they learned longer and understand its nature more deeply. He also encouraged the thinking and reasoning to come up with the correct answers among attendants by offering rewards for the one who scored the highest. After each question was raised, the new employees either gained a new point of view, or adjusted their misconceptions adopted before about the field of venture capital. Upon finishing 15 questions of the quiz, all the employees had grasped some basic knowledge and information about venture capital, regarding the most reputable venture capitals in the world, how people in this field make profits, how the organizational structure within a venture capital differs from other companies, etc.

Rewards for our Wiziinees’ efforts throughout the training session

During the following parts, which was the more in-depth discussion of the problems in the quiz, the CEO in turn dived into the general information of venture capital, the organizational structure within a venture capital and the rationale for such a difference to usual companies, how it functions to gain profits from its business, as well as the currently expanding venture capital market in Vietnam, compared to other prevalent markets worldwide. He also proposed some characteristics needed to become a successful venture capitalist, for those who harbor the dream of entering venture capital business. Despite a wide range of information throughout the session, the participants felt no boredom or hardship. This is because two-way communication was encouraged, and the employees were free to raise their concerns about his sharing or discuss any specific point. Thus the sharing was highly engaging and an immersive experience was fostered.

The training session finalized with the Q&A session and feedback or recommendations from the participants for further improvements. However, every employee in the session mutually agreed that the information delivered by our CEO was not simply conventional or widely-spread knowledge, easily found everywhere. Rather, it encompassed the practical, real-life experiences after many years working with venture capitalists, those not yet been included in any references or books yet.


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