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Wiziin x DIGITIMES: Entering Vietnam 101

We are super excited to announce that Wiziin Inc., together with DIGITIMES, will host a workshop for those startups interested in entering or newly entered the Vietnamese market.

“Entering Vietnam 101” brought together experts, entrepreneurs and investors who understand the market and handing on Vietnam so that they can bring the latest updated perspectives to learn, troubleshoot, discuss and capture the pivotal practices in expanding to the potential S-shaped land of Southeast Asia – VIETNAM!

This was an amazing opportunity for any startup wanting to expand in Vietnam, especially for those who are looking for local partners and investors. This event would help to gain exposure in Vietnamese startup community or even 1-hour mentoring from the investor.

Thank you all of offline attendants in #Taiwan and partners globally for coming and joining us at Entering Vietnam 101 | Taiwan last Friday.

Hope you all find the valuable observation of overall landscape in Vietnam market as well as the very first hand experience for all founders interested in expanding in Vietnam.

We also share a special congrats with #Uniigym, #GoodLinker, #Biomecare, #Lockists, for winning the 1 on 1 consultation with Tien Nguyen.

Sincere thanks for the great support from #Digitimes and #Slasify, together with us to brought out the insightful workshop.

We also want to give a big thank you to our speaker for participating in the event and sharing all of your valuable experiences – Mr. Eric Huang – Vice President of Digitimes – Mr. Tien Nguyen – Founder & CEO of Wiziin – Ms. Evy Chang – Head of Investor Relations of Wiziin – Mr. Hsiang-Yu Wang – CEO of Slasify

For those missed the event, you can access the record on our Youtube Channel anytime

See you in our very next event on April 8th about Media in Venture Capital!

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